HS&E Policy
The Petroleum Co-Ordinators, Inc. Safety Policy is a statement about how we should conduct our business. It outlines the basic framework within which we must measure our activities to be certain that we are working consistent with company and customer expectations. This policy, to be effective must be easily communicated, retained and understood.
Petroleum Co-Ordinators, Inc. will maintain their business operations so that employees, the public and the environment are protected from harm. We will manage and utilize our resources in a way that the safety, health and the environment of our employees, our customers, and our visitors are ensured through:
  • Management and employee practices
  • Adherence to safety procedures
  • Continuous quality in training
  • HS&E performance linked with targeted objectives
  • Processes that measure performance
  • Promoting a Company policy that understands no business is so important that it will be pursued at the sacrifice of safety
Petroleum Co-Ordinators, Inc. as a team must accept the responsibility to prevent injuries and accidents by following the safety policies outlined in this program. In doing so the companies, employees, and families we serve will benefit.



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