Company Profile
A proud history of providing specialized talent to the oilfield.
Founded in 1979 in Lafayette, Louisiana, Petroleum Co-Ordinators, Inc. has since grown to become one of the largest providers of administrative technicians and technical services in the world. We are a direct service company that also provides a wide variety of contract and production personnel, including rig administrators, logistics clerks, drill techs, dispatchers, rig clerks, shipping and receiving clerks, scheduler/planners, material coordinators, shore base coordinators, network administrators and more.

Our specialized services include advanced administrative services to property management, total management of shore base facilities, computer reporting, data recovery, safety training and inspection, environmental compliance inspection and complex logistical planning for the transportation of materials and personnel.

Although headquartered in Lafayette, we are truly a worldwide provider offering services for both offshore and land operations. The fact is that there are no limits to where we will go to get the job done. Over the years we have served more than 100 oil and gas companies from the Gulf of Mexico to remote locations in Africa, Kazakhstan, Trinidad, Alaska, China and South America, just to name a few.

Combining some of the industry's most experienced management personnel and supervisors with highly trained and skilled personnel, we are dedicated to bringing our customers outstanding service, significant cost savings and a variety of performance benefits.



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