Health, Safety & Environmental
At Petroleum Co-Ordinators, Inc., we always put people first — and we prove it by making safe conduct of operations a condition of employment.We strive to be recognized as the leader in health, safety and environmental performance in every market that we serve. Click here to view our entire Health, Safety & Environmental Policy.
Our Commitment
At Petroleum Co-Ordinators, Inc., our commitment to safety is unsurpassed. We are resolutely dedicated to safety and accept the responsibility of providing a safe workplace for our employees, customers and visitors — while also protecting the natural environment at all times.
We have established an outstanding HS&E program and safety processes — which is evidenced by our exemplary safety record. We provide ongoing safety training for our employees and are committed to continuous improvement of safety, health and environmental performance. In addition to safety training and auditing, we also provide extensive safety prevention measures, including the utilization of the behavioral approach to occupational incident prevention that emphasizes proactive efforts to heighten workers’ awareness of their actions and increase the frequency of safe acts.
We are truly a worldwide provider offering services for both offshore and inland operations.



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