Training and experience make the difference.
At Petroleum Co-Ordinators, Inc., we recognized the need for specialized oilfield personnel and auxiliary services long before this became popular. We have been providing highly skilled personnel and effective, broad-based services to the oil and gas industry for more than a quarter century — and we can do the same for your company.
We are dedicated to forming strategic partnerships with our customers, and we are committed to making each customer’s project more cost effective and successful. When you partner with Petroleum Co-Ordinators, we can provide you with significant cost savings and performance benefits by delivering highly trained, experienced and qualified personnel to your job site. In addition, we cross-train our personnel,which allows us to bring you a wide range of capabilities provided by a single person.
In today’s environment of frequent, unpredictable change, plus rising costs within the oil and gas industry, the flexibility and availability of our personnel can be an invaluable asset to your operations — and provide a boost to your bottom line. As your strategic partner, Petroleum Co-Ordinators can provide you with manpower, equipment and services worldwide, including:
  • Aviation & Marine Logistics Clerks
  • Centralized Rig Administrators
  • Computer Rentals
  • Cost Planners
  • Deck Coordinators
  • Dispatchers
  • Drill Techs
  • Engineer
  • Environmental Compliance Specialists
  • HS&E Clerks
  • HS&E Coordinators
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Material Coordinators
  • Network Administrators
  • Production Operators
  • Production Personnel
  • Rig Administrators
  • Rig Clerks
  • Scheduler/Planners
  • Shipping & Receiving Clerks
  • Shore Base Coordinators
  • Shore Base Management
  • Technical Assistance
  • Warehouse Management
  • Wellsite Leaders



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